Supermom Stuti

Supermom Stuti

SuperMom Stuti

Supermom Stuti is someone who believes that parents are only human and they learn from their mistakes. She is modest but at Haus and Kinder we are beyond words to appreciate moms like her (and all moms in general). Juggling work, family, and emotional well being in the finest ways possible is a trait common among all moms we know. 

"When you say No to everything, it doesn’t have a value. My kid knows I give him what he asks for so when I say no for certain things. He respects it. No has a value now."

While Stuti shied away from having such a seemingly perfect title of “Supermom”, we made it clear that ALL moms are supermoms and she is someone who caught our eye!  Stuti Agarwal, our Supermom, is a blogger who specializes in the fields of parenting and motherhood. What is fascinating about her blogging apart from its intricacy is that she started it a month after having her second newborn. She is a mom to two beautiful children, Yuvraaj and Aarna and her Instagram feed aesthetically gives excellent advice on multiple parenting issues. Stuti’s daughter Aarna was our first swaddle model and having been connected with her since then, has deepened our understanding of her versatility, creativity and dedication. 

Her strong belief lies in learning and not perfection. It is impossible to be a perfect parent but it is easy and feasible to observe your child, take notes and be prepared the next time. “I don’t want to raise obedient kids but independent kids When Stuti said this, it resonated with us, and was a fresh perspective as compared to the previous generation of kids who have been reprimanded into learning good habits and lessons. Questioning and mental strength top the parenting traits pyramid!

Stuti narrates this little incident about Yuvraaj where he wanted to ring the calling bell of the house. While initially Stuti had him in her arms, she brought out a chair for him once she was tired,and allowed him to ring the bell as long as he wanted to. A few minutes later, a neighbor came over to Stuti’s place to tell her what Yuvraaj was doing and the most amazing thing happened. Stuti told them that she had allowed him to do so and that it was ok. In Stuti’s words, “You should have seen the glee in Yuvraaj’s eyes that day!”
The sheer knowledge in a child that the Mom will stand by you, no matter what, is instilled through these little incidents of supporting your child.

Advice for Moms especially with 2 kids:
“My advice is to enjoy daily activities like reading/bathing/feeding etc so that they don’t feel like chores but become a fun activity. Also remember to take time out for yourself because you can’t pour from an empty glass.” 

Right off the bat, Mama, take time out for yourself and make it a priority! Stuti's “me-time” is usually between 9-11 at night, after her kids have gone to bed. You could have a different time frame but me-time is super important for all the supermoms out there. We take lessons from Moms like Stuti who make motherhood beautiful, real, and inspiring.

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