Rashmita: Globetrotter, Influencer, Supermom

Rashmita: Globetrotter, Influencer, Supermom

Rashmita: Globetrotter, Influencer, Supermom

If love is the food of life, travel is definitely the dessert. Supermom Rashmita is one of the most adventurous,multi talented, modern, and stunning Moms we know. Every Mom has a unique way of parenting and we do what we know best, sharing the golden advice and journey with you! 

Besides having traveled to 2 continents and more than 23 countries, Rashmita is a social media strategist, content creator, fashion enthusiast, fitness aficionado and blogger. She is an amazing Mom to the very energetic Ivaan and her story is as fun as their family. Her take on motherhood is uncomplicated. She believes that motherhood is messy, exhausting, and demanding and yet a satisfying job. We cannot think of a better combination of words to describe motherhood either! 


Supermom Rashmita encourages being realistic and insists on more people understanding that being at home with a kid is not an easy job and should receive the due recognition. Rashmita's Supermom moment was when she completed a 16 hours long road trip with 6 months old Ivaan. We're sure Ivaan will be in awe of his Mama when he grows up!

“It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times."

Rashmita is an active travel blogger and it is mesmerising to see her passion for wandering. Who said moms couldn't travel? Rashmita is an excellent example of passionate, strong and versatile moms. With the departure of the pandemic, she will be out traveling her way through the world once again!
The picture is from one of her trips to Singapore.


Advice to other supermoms who love traveling Engagement is the key for a hassle free travel diary when your partner is a baby. The best way is to keep the baby busy in some activities and doing that shouldn't be a tough nut to crack. In the words of Supermom Rashmita, "Take a chill, as babies are pretty adjusting."

To all the Mamas who have been thinking of planning trips soon after the pandemic is over, here is your cue! Supermom Rashmita is also a strong believer in Moms taking out time for themselves and she gladly preaches the same. Supermoms are incredibly inspiring and we strive to pick up as many tips as we can. On that note, make a list of what your baby will need on the next trip, lists never go out of style!

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