How To Choose The Best Diaper Bag - 8 Points To Remember

How To Choose The Best Diaper Bag - 8 Points To Remember


Choosing a good and sustainable diaper bag is way more work than selecting a casual fashionable handbag, it's not just about the look or material. Starting from strength, space and comfort to being waterproof and stable, the ideal diaper bag MUST have check all the boxes. 

Ask any new parent what is home away from home and their diaper bag will be the answer. As new parents or caregivers, the bag one carries around contains a LOT of gear. The cute angel in your arms needs to cleaned, fed and loved very often and it is important that you have all what you need with you even when you are not at home. Diaper bags are the one solution to having a clutter-free and organised space for all the baby essentials. Since one big bag and a squirming baby is already too much to handle, the diaper bag should also have space for the things you need. We have come up with a specially designed range of diaper bags for all star babies and we will let you know in 8 points, the secrets to selecting the best diaper bag. 


 The main aspect to choosing a diaper bag should be the amount of space it has. Undoubtedly diaper bags mean much more than just diapers and there must be ample space in the bag to carry all essentials for your little one. Smaller bags might look more viable and accessible but if there is not enough space, carrying a diaper bag doesn’t make sense. After having a baby, the diaper bag replaces your vanity bag or sling bag in the bat of an eyelid! Under such circumstances you would genuinely want to carry a bag which has ample space for both you and baby’s essentials.


 A weak bag which might break down if you carry an extra bottle of water, is a red flag. You must enquire about the material and strength of the diaper bag before deciding on it. The strength of the bag is also defined by the thickness and padding of the shoulder straps, slings or handles. If the handles aren’t strong enough chances are, they might begin to scrape or tear when the bag is filled to the brim. Especially if you want a diaper bag for regular and rough usage, strong shoulder padded straps are mandatory. You simply should not settle for a diaper bag that keeps falling off your shoulder or has flower-like durability.


 Compartments, pockets, pouches or blessings in disguise, either way you need many of them if a baby is accompanying you. A diaper bag should have multiple zips and compartments which are also spacious and not merely for namesake. Imagine having diapers, wipes, bips, washcloths, lotions and everything else in a bag with 2 divisions. Now, imagine a bag with separate compartments meant for storing all those essentials and more! It's safe to say that the second one is an easy choice and is also calming to a new parent or caregiver who mostly has a cluttered house. Additionally, when you reach in the bag to grab a diaper, you wouldn’t want to scoop out everything else to find that one white diaper. 

The Art On Canvas Diaper Bag, Flamingo, Comes With An Interior Zip, Mesh and 3 Bottles Pocket; Five Interior Pockets, Two exterior side bottle pockets


 When with a baby you HAVE to carry a big, spacious bag for their needs. The question is why not make it fashionable? Cunningham says and we agree, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. With a plethora of options on the internet you can select a chic, trendy and stylish diaper bag which not only lives up to your style statement but also helps you ease out caring for the little bunch of sunshine. While we discuss chic prints and stylish options, it would be delinquent of us if we wouldn’t lead you to the most aesthetic and classy prints that Haus & Kinder has to offer. Our aesthetic digital printed bags come in unique hues of Flamingo, Unicorn, Hearts, and Color Splash and we make sure your style and comfort is never compromised! Talking about our Flamingo Art On Canvas Diaper bag, a mom Blogger, Sweta Singhvi articulates, “The beautiful print gives it a very vibrant look and I need no longer worry about it not matching my style statement.”

SuperMom Mallika Posing With The Art On Canvas Diaper Bag, Color Splash 


 Be it from rain or milk spills, the diaper bag has to be an epitome of being water and liquid resistant. Feeding, cleaning and caring for the baby, overall can be a messy task and a wet diaper bag is unnecessarily extra work. So it’s necessary that you read product descriptions carefully before ordering that cute-looking diaper bag. Remember appearances can be deceptive but reviews are rarely so! When Ekta Verma, a new mother ordered our Art On Canvas diaper bag, this is what her review was: “A major advantage of this accessible bag is it's big exposure design, where simply unzipping it allows you to have a good view of everything. Moreover, the bag is waterproof and resistant to dirt which comes as a relief to me as a parent."


The subject of slings versus backpacks is an age-old tussle and a subjective choice. Though most parents and caregivers choose the latter owing to its mobility, you must choose wisely for yourself, keeping your comfort and sense of ease in mind. The best diaper bags would be the ones that come as backpacks with flexible shoulder straps and detachable handles/slings. This way you would get a two-in-one deal and wouldn’t have to choose between anything. Why choose when you can have it all? Our range of Art On Canvas bags are accurate for Mamas and Papas who can’t choose between slings and backpacks. The D-Handle at the top of the resourceful bags and the adjustable padded shoulder straps make it the ideal baby essentials reservoir. Our diaper bags also have rings on each side for detachable slings thus giving you a 3-in-one deal!

Super Mom Ritika With The Art On Canvas Diaper Bag, Unicorn 


 You don't just need a dirt-resistant bag, but you also need one which can be easily cleaned. As a caregiver who goes out often, you can’t afford a diaper bag which requires plenty of maintenance and washing. The easiest way to care for diaper bags is wiping the outer surface with a damp cloth and if your bag is needing more than that, it’s time you choose a different one. For example, our dirt-resistant diaper bags can be cleaned into looking brand new just by running a damp cloth on it. As a parent the last thing you need is extra work to look clean and fashionable!


 “Stability is not immobility.” 

 Keeping that in mind, we reiterate that as a parent you should not have to compromise on style, stability or comfort. You do not want an unstable and flimsy bag with a wiggling baby in hand. Bags with a structured and stable design are your best options to have hassle-free travel. While diaper bags must be mobile and flexible, they must not be jerry-built. The right amount of stability mixed with flexibility and mobility is the ideal recipe for your ideal diaper bag.

A diaper bag is a crucial item of use to new parents or caregivers. We would not want to see precious Mamas and Papas being disappointed after making the wrong choice. In times of travelling or outdoor activities, babies require increased assistance and protection. While diapers and washcloths are required everywhere, you'll have to carry a sunscreen and a hat/cap when going outside. To help you pack your diaper bag, we have also put together a checklist. Give it a read and save it for the future when you are leaving the house with your little one.

Curated Diaper Bag Packing List

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