5 Ways To Keep Your Crawling Baby Entertained

5 Ways To Keep Your Crawling Baby Entertained

5 Ways To Keep Your Crawling Baby Entertained

Your baby has turned 6 months old, and they don’t sleep as much as they did in the first 5 months. You cannot cuddle with them the whole day (you wish you could!) and the sleeping hours from here onwards will only dwindle. There are a ton of activities that you can do to keep your infant entertained.

We have put together a listicle for some really engaging activities but it is not rocket science! Look around yourself, from the mirror on your dressing table to the utensils in the kitchen. Everything can entertain the little one.

1.Summer means pool time
With a worldwide lockdown in place taking your little one to the beach or the pool seems like an incomplete dream, doesn’t it? If you cannot go to the pool, bring the pool home! Be it baby showers or gender reveal parties, inflatable swimming pools are the most common gifts. Even if you don’t have one already, order it online to give your baby the pool experience in the safe quarters of home. Most babies love to play with water and this can be a very refreshing weekly activity in the summers for your baby.

2. Hide and seek or Peek a boo

The idea of you disappearing and reappearing is very exciting for an infant. You see, hide and seek is one of the oldest games played to keep the babies busy. As an infant they cannot come find you but if you call out to them or be at a distance from them, they will instinctively want to look for you. Even in the game of Peek a boo, you can hide your face behind a teddy bear or other soft toys and surprise them by emerging from behind the toy. This way the baby can be kept entertained for hours at a stretch.

3. Try an obstacle path

“Obstacle” would not be an unfamiliar word for a new parent and we know well. An obstacle path works wonders in case of infants who just learned how to crawl. Creating an obstacle path is very subjective and super simple. All you have to do is to create a path or place certain obstacles on the ground and stand at the end of that path. These obstacles could be merely pillows or soft toys or any other harmless objects. Stand at the end of these obstacles and be the destination for your baby. You will be left in awe when your baby crosses all the obstacles and swiftly crawls to their Mama!

4. Their body is amusing to babies

It is mind-blowing how easy it is to keep little crawling humans smiling and playful. If you are unable to get hold of any items to amuse your baby with, don’t worry, you can amuse them with their bodies. Raise their legs and make “whoosh” and “whoop” sounds (or any other funny sounds). Cross their arms over their chest or make their palms clap together. Just the most basic things that you can make your baby’s arms and legs do can be made a hundred times more enjoyable with the sounds you make and the expressions you carry. 

5. Piggyback ride time!

Once your baby’s back is stronger and they can crawl, it is time to give them the fun of piggyback rides! A piggyback ride is to carry the baby on your back or make them sit on your shoulders and then walk with them. Just make sure you are careful while walking and opt for a ride only if you are sure of yourself. 

Keeping an infant entertained is an untroubled affair to an extent where their own bodies do the magic for them! You can also sing or read to them with voice modulations as that will help their language understanding develop well. Remember their vision is still at a novice stage so try to keep the activities limited farthest at 8-12 inches from them. We hope you try the above activities with your little one and it is filled with giggles and purity. Comment below to let us know your experience in keeping an infant occupied.

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