Why Muslin Is The Best For Your Baby

Why Muslin Is The Best For Your Baby

Why Muslin is the best for YOUR baby?

The origins of Muslin take us back 300 years back in History when it originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a hand woven luxury fabric woven from a delicate hand-spun yarn. Muslin was a very fine material and was woven using the discontinuous weft technique which is a labor intensive, time -taking and a skilled affair. Even in those early years, women used this soft fabric to cover and wrap babies in them. A fabric that has been used since ages to give babies everything they need to be comfortable, surely has more to it than what is apparent.

Muslin is not only one of the softest materials but is equally breathable, stretchy, and pacifying. Haus and Kinder has a range of swaddles and blankets which are made of muslin. As a matter of fact, all our swaddles and blankets are made of muslin as we believe in providing the most soothing experience to babies. 


Owing to its freely woven and intricate nature, muslin does not trap the heat. This prevents the baby from overheating and ensures the entrance of fresh air in the cocoon as well. Moreover, it allows free movement of the baby because of its softness and lack of rigidity. Muslin makes it as breezy as it can get for all the star babies out there.


Muslin swaddles are the number one choice of child specialists, experts, and parents. Swaddling your baby in muslin prevents startle reflex and hip dysplasia and allows optimum movement too. The amount of elasticity in muslin is indeed wonderful because the baby needs to stay firm and snug, at the same time. Muslin adapts to your baby’s frame and embraces them while providing them with the best comfort and sleep.

One of the prime reasons for swaddling is to gradually help the baby adapt to the world outside Mama's belly. So it is a priority to make the baby feel warm, snug, and overall secure. All these aspects are fulfilled when you wrap your little one in one of our muslin swaddles. To add on to your baby’s comfort, when they transition and grow from their swaddling stage, you can use muslin blankets to now give them the same level of comfort and warmth in a more free way.

This is one of the best qualities of muslin that it softens with every wash and lasts for a very long time. Even a year after your baby is born you will probably be using the muslin swaddle for its increasing softness. Muslin being a pur material, is chemical free and after the first two washes it is the most baby friendly material you can find.

Muslin is not only the perfect material for swaddles and blankets but it is also apt for bibs, wash cloths, pram shade, handkerchief, crib sheet and a lot more. Muslin is a good absorbent which makes it an excellent towel for your little ones. The soft muslin swaddle will never cease to come handy even after its sole purpose is fulfilled.


Muslin cloth suits skins of all ages and textures. Interestingly, dermatologists prescribe muslin wiping cloths for sensitive skin in adults. The lightly woven fabric is befitting for the delicate skin of babies. When the baby is above 6 months, caregivers can introduce comforters as they tiptoe around independent sleeping. A blanket with Mama's scent works wonders and muslin never stops surprising you. Muslin being a good absorbent, quickly absorbs Mama's scent too. Thus, our muslin blanket effortlessly comforts the baby further. 

Muslin is one of the most sought-after materials of all times and the demand is well justified. History has witnessed the prices of muslin being higher than silk. Caregivers since ages have chosen muslin as the best fabric for babies and we believe in carrying on the legacy of one of the most breathable, enduring, and snug materials of all times.

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