What should my baby wear to sleep?

What should my baby wear to sleep?

Baby Sleep Wear

It's 3 am and the cute little face is red and fussy,
you've tried it all but the little one can't sleep!
We assure you you're not the only one and sleep
problems with babies is an age old problem.
Read on to get the answer to your worries

You're probably reading this the eleventh time on your baby sleep research spree, but starting from food habits to room temperature, all of it together decides whether the baby will be cranky or peaceful. We realize how baffled you must be when it comes to clothing as a new parent. How many layers is too many layers? Rest assured, let us take you through the basics.

On some mornings you might swear your baby grew through the night and you might be correct. While the baby must be swaddled in a snug way in the first few months, it must be stopped as soon as they start trying to roll over. Similarly, at around 3-6 months the baby must be put to sleep in a Snug Bag, which allows hip development. Finally at 6-9 months and 9-12 months, Sleep Sacks and Bodysuits are preferable respectively for a cozy and peaceful sleep.

Most of the development in a baby under the age of one, happens during sleep. As a parent, comfortable and unperturbed sleep is the prime concern. To have a nap without snaps we suggest you choose clothes with care.

1: Material
Without any second thoughts, "cotton" is the material that is best suited for babies. Quilted fabrics will help them stay warm & cozy. Synthetic materials are a strict no no. 

2: Room For Growth
Look out for changes in the baby. Are they trying to roll over or the swaddle is making them cranky because there's not enough room to play? As a parent you have to always make sure that the baby sleeps in clothes that facilitate growth.

3: Thickness & TOG
Remember to check the TOG of the piece of clothing and the baby is just as human as you so avoid too many layers of clothing. Just thickness of a material doesn't always serve as a right parameter of warmth. (Tip: Dress them in as many layers you're wearing and add one extra for warmth.)

4: Snug
Irrespective of the temperature, keeping the baby snug is your goal, not too tight, not too warm. Initially, make sure they can self soothe and sleep isn't hampered due to startle reflex.

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Make sure to cover your baby’s feet and head. Use organic baby clothes to ensure warmth and safety.

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