Is sleep music the new bedtime essential?

Is sleep music the new bedtime essential?

Dim lights, Music & Snooze!

Have you noticed that music is everywhere? From meditation to partying, from Nursery rhymes to meditative practices, we're painted in the delicate hue of music. The correct music can make your baby fall asleep in a couple of minutes! We're serious.  Just like consistent rocking or patting on the back helps millions of babies sleep, soft, consistent music can be helpful for your little one's sleep. 

Sleep Noises
White, pink and brown noises drown out all other surrounding noises/sounds, which helps babies doze off in peace. Yes, a running vacuum cleaner and radio static is white noise but finding such noises now is easier. There's a plethora of playlists available online and you just have to figure out which one's the lullaby for your baby. 

Lullabies & Songs
Lullabies and soft songs have worked wonders in baby sleep since ages. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star may not be your munchkin's vibe but that doesn't mean they won't like music at all! We personally love "You are My Sunshine" the lullaby version. 

Classical Music
We don't know if classical music helps in brain development or not, but we definitely know that it's so calming that we all have friends who sleep to such music. There's a reason why Beethoven and Mozart remain irreplaceable.

        We hope our teeny tips help you and your baby sleep better tonight. A peaceful baby means a well rested Mom. We're excited to know what their favorite lullaby is. If your baby is a connoisseur of Mozart or is the vacuum cleaner more their thing?
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Happy napping! 

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